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The Mangrove Info Center is located at Kaminda Lac 140.

Just follow the road from the church in Kralendijk to Sorobon (Kaya Nikiboko Zuid). After leaving Kralendijk you will see the sign on the left (see photo at left).

directions1Turn to the left in the direction of Lac Cai/Mangrove Info Center.

The road is accessible all year long for all vehicles, even during rainy weather.

After progressing about 1.8 miles or 2.9 kilometers, you’ll see our center on your left hand side.

Feel free to begin the drive a little early, to allow yourself time to birdwatch along the way. Once you turn onto the dirt road, drive slowly and watch for flamingos and other wetland birds which frequent the area. For best viewing, as well as images, be sure to stay in your vehicle, as once you exit the vehicle, the birds will move away from the roadside.