The mangrove forest of Lac Bay is one of the best preserved mangrove forests in the Caribbean.

In the Lac Bay area one can find three different species of mangrove trees in crystal clear waters. While kayaking  you can see why we call this area the nursery.

Most people still have the idea that it all looks like a mangrove swamp! Not on Bonaire!!

On our two-hour kayak tours, we take our guests out snorkeling through a mangrove channel. This provides an interesting perspective that visitors to Bonaire rarely experience. Of course, we provide instruction and guidance so as to avoid any damage to this fragile environment.

In between the mangroves and the barrier reef we can find large areas covered with sea grass, which is an important environment for queen conch shells, as well as many other sea creatures such as baby rays, lobster, and baby seahorses. The sea grass also has an important function in filtering the water in Lac Bay and keeps it clear.

lacbaymangroves1Nature preservation on Bonaire is in the good hands of a foundation called STINAPA. About 60% of our island territory is a national park or a protected area. The mangrove forest of Lac Bay is part of the Bonaire National Marine Park. In March, 2006, STINAPA’s management/zoning plan for Lac Bay was approved, and now all guides must be certified. Read the Code of Conduct for Kayakers prepared by STINAPA (available in PDF format).