What to Bring

If you are taking the two-hour tour which includes snorkeling, be sure to bring your mask and snorkel. Fins are prohibited in the mangrove area. If you don’t have a mask and snorkel, be sure to let the staff know upon checkin so they can be provided for you.

All those participating in mangrove tours must have paid the Bonaire Nature Fee. If you have already paid this fee, please be sure to bring your white or yellow receipt as proof of payment. If not, payment can be made at the Mangrove Info Center.

Do be sure to bring your sunscreen and insect repellant, and these must be used prior to entering the mangrove habitat. Wear light clothing, and those sensitive to sun exposure should wear clothing which can help protect from the sun. We highly recommend that participants recycle a soda bottle with tap water to drink, as the water at the Mangrove Center is not potable.

Handy checklist of items to bring:

  • Bring a bottle with tap water
  • Nature fee receipt (STINAPA User Fee)
  • The Mangrove Center provides dry bags if needed
  • Protective clothing against the sun and/or sunblock
  • Please bring cash money (credit cards are not accepted as the Mangrove Center is off the grid and cannot process credit card charges)

Additionally, for the two-hour tour, bring:

  • Mask and snorkel (or use our equipment)
  • Please note that fins are not allowed in the mangroves