For some time already, the Mangrove Info Center has assisted with the rescue and rehabilitation of a number of seabirds that were found sick or injured around Bonaire, many times in near vicinity to the center because of its location at Lac Bay, where many seabirds live.

Recently, Elly Albers, owner/operator of the Mangrove Info Center, received two seabirds requiring assistance, a booby and a brown pelican.  The brown pelican was successfully rehabilitated and has already been released back into the wild.  Unfortunately, the booby received serious injuries to one of its wings, and so it will never be able to live without assistance, and it has become a permanent resident at the center.  Visitors who would like to see the bird may stop by during normal business hours.

If you come across a seabird that does not appear well, or is injured, please call the Mangrove Info Center immediately at 780-5353, and we will do our utmost to assist.

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